Our Story

It all started with a 3-month old and a bucket hat. After my son was born in the spring of 2017, I wanted a hat to cover his fresh little head in the summer months that looked cool on him too. All that I could find at the time were bonnets and bucket hats (I know, I know, but this was a few years before the bucket hat trend was cool again 😉). And while I love a good bonnet, I wanted something that more resembled the type of hats his dad wears - a classic five-panel hat in a cool print. 

I took a look online and couldn't find anything that would fit his tiny head, so I decided I'd give it a try with sewing a tinier version of an adult hat pattern. I didn't have anything I could use for a brim, and I actually didn't want to put something so stiff against his little forehead. And while it wasn't the world's best sewing project, it worked! I continued to sew a few different hats in different prints, adjusting the sizing and pattern each time. 

From that hat, I felt like there must be other parents experiencing the same thing. So, Twill & Pine hats, with a soft flexible brim, was born. And while I no longer sew the hats, it all stemmed from that one late evening sewing project. 

Seeing the world new again through my son's eyes (and now my daughter's) reignited a passion for taking the time to see the little things in our everyday lives, coupled with sharing the world's natural beauty and eclectic mix of cultures. Each print on the hat fabric has been inspired by the beauty in the world around us, and hand-drawn (by me!) I hope to change these up each season with new illustrations and colours.

I hope that you love the hats as much as we do! 

 - Kerri


 The original Twill & Pine hat in 2017!