Soft, durable and machine-washable five-panel hats for today's littlest adventurers in fun colours and exclusive, hand-drawn prints.

A soft and flexible brim for kids who are always on the go and sometimes upside down.

Our small business was founded on the idea that kids can have cool hats that are both comfortable and safe enough for their little heads. Our hats feature soft and flexible brims that bend and twist when needed during play, and then flex right back to their original shape.

Welcome to the young, wild, free and kind club.

We make stylish and comfortable five-panel hats in playful prints and solids that feature a soft, flexible brim - perfect for days on the playground or for shoving into a backpack. And the best part? Each hat is totally machine-washable!

We're all about recycling and supporting the planet. ♻️ Each hat is made with durable materials to ensure that it can be passed on once you're finished with it.



  • The Best

    "This is the best hat! We are obsessed. It can get wet and then dry quickly. Perfect for vacation! We also love that it matches her dad's five panel hat style." - Jaclyn. Y.

  • Obsessed!

    "We are obsessed with these hats and so is everyone I buy them for as gifts! The colours and patterns are so fun - my son gets complimented on them every time he wears one (yes, we have multiple). Throwing them in the wash and not having them lose their shape and the fact that they dry super fast after running around the splash pad are the cherry on top!" - Meg. B.